Institute of Classical Architecture & Art
The predominant non-profit dedicated to the preservation of the principles of classical architecture was struggling to find its place in the twenty-first century. Basing the new look on architectural materials, geometry, proportion we crafted a digital presence that is keeping the web classy.
My Role
The ICAA had been sustaining a sprawling website that stretched across multiple foundations, partners, and content systems that contributed to inconsistencies and poor engagement. We needed to distill these education resources into a digestible fashion that allowed for seamless interaction and better visibility within the cultural non-profit community.

I was responsible for determining the information architecture, user experience and visual design to create a living, breathing web presence perfect for an organization constantly in flux. My role also consisted of revamping the logo by refining the illustration of Diana of the Tower and pairing it with a more legible, classic typeface  along with delivering a serene and contrasting art direction.

The refined mark and brand system that allows for the mark to become abbreviated and reduce where needed

Understanding the ask
Our client came to us with a brief to create a website that showcased their vast amount of educational content with a style that was modern but matched the subject material.

The problem was that the content came in many different forms, through different parts of the organization with wildly different use cases.

Oh! and all of this was supported through sponsors, memberships, donations, and sales of their Classicist publication which all needed to be properly placed throughout.
Solving the problem
From our stakeholder interviews and research we determined the different user journeys and built an information architecture modeled around specific groupings of content.
  • Tours and chapter events from across the nation with event details and registration
  • Memberships, donations, chapter information and a directory of all members
  • An editorial section for interviews with top architects, news, and musings.
  • An ecommerce enabled bookstore
In the end we created over sixty different page templates built for modular use over time that work flawlessly across devices. Since launch there has been and increase in memberships of over 18% while time-on-site and return users metrics grew dramatically as well.

The homepage functions as a jumping off point to the sections deemed most valuable during research & discovery

I built an editorial system that allows the client to upload a number of different story templates

The previous website was not responsive, so this was a big opportunity to add some value to the business, so all pages were designed to fit within a consistent responsive system

Providing information for students and enthusiasts to follow award shows & submissions as well as view detailed travel itinerary and book trips around the globe