Just Salad
Just Salad had a tired brand in the ultra-competitive world of fast casual dining and requested that we help remind people that eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. My job was to communicate this through a rebranding effort including copywriting, retail designs, and an online ordering platform.
My Role
As the first fast-casual salad restaurant in the New York City area, Just Salad had established a lot of recognition the we didn't want to throw away. Simple and contemporary, the mark had to seem like a natural evolution while remaining friendly and approachable, that would stand out among the growing competition. The 'U' pays homage to the signature Reuse-a-Bowl program as well as working as an easily recognizable icon for digital use and signage. By creating a simple color palette, the food speaks for itself as it sits next to clever copywriting that reminds you that eating healthy is only as hard as you make it.

Rebrand using the established bowl icon

Art direction using the hues from seasonal elements to establish a flexible, clean style

Menu boards and retail signage

creating the online ordering service
The client felt it was important to their brand to circumvent ordering platforms and control the experience themselves. It was imperative that users have control of every option while understanding any nutritional consequences.

I created a prototype for user testing in InVision from a series of wireframes. The findings led us to a believe that we should focus on communicating where in the process a user was and framing customization options more clearly.

After ensuring the wireframes included everything we needed and solved the defined goals I created a simple, large scale UI.